Are you leading the life you want? So many people aren't. Stress, anxiety, and discontent become fixtures in our daily lives. If yours is not the life you want for yourself, therapy can be a powerful means by which to let go of suffering, to find fulfillment and joy in your life.

Evidence based therapy and training.

We provide psychotherapy for people dealing with challenging life issues: depression, anxiety, relationship problems, life changes, grief and loss, trauma, and family issues. We also work with people who want more happiness in their lives, people who want to know themselves better and to work on personal growth. Therapy can be as much about living a more mindful and joyful life, as it is about dealing with problems.

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Have questions? Wondering if we can help? Feel free to contact us. We work with individuals, couples, and families, and offer a free 20-minute phone consultation. Our office, located in downtown Bethesda, is very near Metro and has ample free parking available.

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